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Mahishadal Rajbari

The History of Mahishadal Raj Bari dates back to the 16th Century when the current place “Geokhali” was known as “Jibonkhali”. It was during this time that Emperor Akbar was reigning India and the Mahishadal Raj Bari was founded by Janardhan Upadhya, who was a high ranked personnel in the Emperor’s Army. Starting from Raja Janardhan Upadhya the baton passed to Raja Duryodhan Upadhya, Raja Ramsharan Upadhya, Raja Rajaram Upadhya, Raja Shukh lal Upadhya, Raja Anadalal Upadhya. It was at this stage that Raja Anadalal Upadhya died and his wife Rani Janaki Devi started ruling the Mahshadal Estate during 1770-1804. Madan Gopal jew temple is the main temple at Mahishadal besides Ram jew temple Dadhibaman jew and Janakinath temple at Nandigram are some of the temples Rani Janaki built. MadanGopal temple was established in 1774 and the famous Rathjatra started from 1776 which is till date one of the most famous festivals of Bengal besides the age-old Durga puja at Mahishadal Rajbari.

The couple had a girl child Rani Manthara Devi after which the lineage transferred to her son, Raja Guru Prasad Garga to the current Sankar Prasad Garga and Hara Prasad Garga.


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Indian Heritage Sites.Mahishadal.
Once upon a time, The Raj Bari estate had beautiful locations namely Mahishadal | Doro | Terpara | Gumai | Kasim nagar | Auranga Nagar | Gumgarh | Tamluk | Midnapur few places | Brindaban | Kashi | Allahabad.
Locations Nearby Raj Bari
  1. 1)  5 min walk to Madan Gopal Jew temple, built by Rani Janaki in 1774. The famous Rathayatra of Mahishadal started in 1776 after the construction of the temple.
  2. 2)  5 min walk to Rangi Basan Palace built in 1840. It is currently preserved by West Bengal Heritage Commission. Beside this, there is 'Thakur Dalan' where Mahishadal Rajbari's Durga Puja is held every year.
  3. 3)  10 mins walk to 'Gandhi Kutir'. The Mahatma had visited and stayed here.
  4. 4)  5 min walk to Mahishadal Raj School and Raj College, both of which were built by Mahishadal Raj Family.

Adjoining areas -

  1. 1)  7 to 8 Km - Geonkhali( previously called Jibankhali) - it is also called Triveni Sangam where 3 rivers unite.
  2. 2)  19 Km - Tamluk - previously known as Tamralipta - there is a historical temple called 'Barghabhima'.
  3. 3)  Khirai - Valley of flowers - seasonal - only for winters.

Madan Gopal Jiu Mandir – a Hanuman Temple in White Marble stone, Lal Bagan, Rashmanch, Janaki Nath Mandir, Rani Sagar are the principal attractions for the Estate.

The Rath Yatra in Mahishadal is called “MadanGopal Jew Rath” is an Utsav which adds to the pomp and glory of this ancient estate and is a cultural heritage for the local people. There is a museum for visitors where all artefacts, old cutlery etc are kept since 30th July’2012. It is also a favourite place for shooting films from long. Maha Nayak Uttam Kumar’s RaiKamal, Choti si Mulaqat and till date Khokha, Koyel Mullick’s Arundhati and a lot more.

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